Spryayers for vineyards and orchards


Trailed sprayer with super turbo ventilator

The BW-RNST model sprayers are professional machines suitable for medium/large companies. Thanks to the new evolution of the air fans (Super Turbo Airfan) they adapt perfectly in spraying on medium/large orchards with large tall plants with dense and intense foliage. The lower adjustable conveyor mounted on the machine allows the spraying on very high trees with crowns that reach 20/25 meters in height. Through its system with 26/30 multiple nozzles it is possible to nebulize the sprayed product perfectly, making it penetrat and evenly wetting the crown, thus avoiding the dripping of the sprayed product. A feature that allows to reduce the dispersion of the chemical in the soil and reduce the environmental impact of the treatment. It is possible to mount an upper directional conveyor to direct the air flow towards the top of the plant even more precisely.

The image is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the STANDARD product characteristics


  • Main polyethylene tank (lowered version) th.6/8 mm with circuit washing and hand washing tank.
  • Air fan “SUPER TURBO AIRFAN” model in stainless steel at double speed with double nozzle-holder arches and variable lower conveyor.
  • Variable blades air fan with special cluth coupling.
  • Nozzle-holder arches in stainless steel with brass anti-drip doubled-nozzles mod ALBUZ
  • Hot galvanized chassis
  • Brass remote command unit with pressure regulator. MOD.BMS50
  • ANNOVI REVERBERI brass pump.
  • Rear lights kit.
  • Pesticides suction kit with external suction filter and self filling.
  • Road approval.
  • Machine is supplied without drive shaft.
  • Fixed drawbar adjustable in length.
  • In-line brass filters for nozzles.
  • Standard oversized tyres 13.0/55-16 (only for models 1500 and 2000).
  • Adjustable support wheels.
  • This product complies with EC Regulations.
  • Overhanging wheel hubs with adjustment in width and height.
  • Lower protection plate for tank as standard only on the LT1000 version.
  • Internal agitator
BW 1000 RN-ST900 mm242+F8 -11 mt15 -18 mtBHS120120 L/Min70/80 hp1000 lt65000- 83000L325 - P134 - H128 cm530 kgATO0510A-D
BW 1500 RN-ST900 mm242+F8 -11 mt15 -18 mtBHS130130 L/Min80/90 hp1500 lt65000- 83000L360 - P148 - H133 cm560 kgATO0511A-D
BW 2000 RN-ST900 mm242+F8 -11 mt15 - 18 mtBHS150150 L/Min80/90 hp2000 lt65000- 83000L375 - P160 - H140 cm590 kgATO0432A-D
BW 3000 RN-ST1000 mm382+F11-13 mt18 - 20 mtBHS170170 L/Min90/100 hp3000 lt83000- 101000L400 - P190 - H150 cm790 kgATO0512A-D

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Autosteer adjustable drawbar (Maggio Steering). Approved for use on the road
  • 600/800/1000, code: ATO0119A
  • 1500/2000, code: ATO0120A
  • 3000, code: ATO0221A

Autosteer adjustable drawbar (Maggio Steering). Not approved for use on the road
  • 600/800/1000, codice: ATO0119A-N
  • 1500/2000, codice: ATO0120A-N
  • 3000, codice: ATO0221A-N

Supplement for hydraulic lifting system of the axle (system is not approved for road circulation). ing

Code: ATO0555A (When ordering/requesting, specify the model of equipment on which the ordered item will be mounted)


Bottom protective plate.

Codice: ATO0556A (When ordering/requesting, specify the model of equipment on which the ordered item will be mounted.)


Homokinetic cardan shaft T60-900 / T40-900 / T60-1000
  • Code: T60-900 - TRA0998
  • Code: T40-900 - TRA1000
  • Code: T60-1000 - TRA0997

Drive shaft T40-900 / T50-900.
  • Code: T40-900 - TRA0959
  • Code: T50-900 - TRA0961

Brass electric remote control unit, with pressure regulator on the tractor. Mod. M200 (4 Levers) – Braglia.

Code: COM0165


Brass electric remote control unit, with pressure regulator on the machine. Mod. M200 (2 Levers) – Braglia.

Code: COM0173


Complete fan unit Ø900/1000 mm without nozzles with air rectifier model RNST.
  • Ø900 mm, Code: IRR0296
  • Ø1000 mm, Code: IRR0394

Led lights kit for night spraying.

Code: ATO0557A


Upper directional deflector Ø900/1000 mm.
  • Ø 900 mm, Codice: IRR0272
  • Ø 1000 mm, Codice: IRR0395

Electric control 4.0 mod. “Cleverspray” - Braglia, 2/4 sections
  • 2 sections, Code: - COM0181
  • 4 sections, Code: - COM0143

Electrical control 4.0 “ARAG”

Code: COM0054

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