Efficient, robust
and reliable equiptment

Maggio Srl are specialized in the manufacture of agricultural equipment for professional use only. We have handed down the company through generations since 1972, and we have walked the path of continuous improvements and business development in terms of organization and manufacturing processes. During these years, we have expanded in several production sites, up to 10000 square meters.

Our main objective, over the last years, has always been creating reliable and solid agricultural equipment. Thanks to our more and more advanced technology, we offer our customers high levels of quality standards, through highly specialized machinery that fulfill all their requirements.

Business administration and productive firm
allow to design and build machinery and
equipment for professional use,
on specific customer requirements.

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A continuous

Maggio Srl pay particular attention to the manufacture of innovative machinery and equipment, basing on technology development, that comply with the current regulations concerning environmental and safety matters.

Over the years, we have invested in innovative technologies; automated welding systems, numerically controlled machine tools, painting systems and systems of controlled management for the manufacture of our range of equipment according to high quality standards.

Our technical department has computer skills and tools of last 3D generation to develop projects and solutions to the changing agricultural issues at international level.