Spryayers for vineyards and orchards


Mounted sprayer with S-shaped cannon fan

The trailed sprayer (BW-TS) is a model provided with an S-shape cannon air fan, centrifugal, hydraulic and 90° adjustable, equipped with a double-suction impeller on the 65TS version and a mono-suction one on the 40TS version, suitable for the spraying of very high orchards or the spraying in green houses or in open field.


  • Centrifugal air fan with a cannon system with 2+F run speeds and clutch, 90° adjustable, vertical or horizontal with hydraulic system, complete of an alongside treatment system.
  • Polyethylene tank with extra circuit-washing and hand-washing tanks (lowered model).
  • Nozzle-holder arches in stainless steel and brass double-nozzles M82.
  • Chassis and conveyor in hot galvanized steel.
  • Brass remote command unit with pressure regulator. MOD. BMS50
  • ANNOVI REVERBERI brass pump.
  • Pesticides suction kit with external suction filter and self filling.
  • This product complies with EC Regulations.
  • Internal agitator.
  • Rear lights kit.
  • Bottlewasher kit.
  • Road approval.
  • Fixed drawbar adjustable in length.
  • Adjustable small support wheels.
  • Standard oversized tyres 13.0/55-16 (only for model 1500 and 2000).
  • Machine is supplied without cardan shaft.
  • Overhanging wheel hubs with adjustment in width and height.
BW600 - 40TS440 mm3+22 + F20 mt25-30 mtBHS9090 L/Min40/50 hp600 LT17000L235 - P115 - H120+55 cm450 Kg
BW600 - 65TS450 + 450 mm6+32 + F30 mt 35-40 mt BHS9090 L/Min70/80 hp600 LT27000L260 - P115 - H120+80 cm470 Kg
BW800 - 40TS440 mm3+22 + F20 mt25-30 mtBHS9090 L/Min40/50 hp800 LT17000L250 - P120 -H120+55 cm480 Kg
BW800 - 65TS450 + 450 mm6+32 + F30 mt35-40 mtBHS9090 L/Min70/80 hp800 LT27000L275 - P120 -H120+80 cm500 Kg
BW1000 - 40TS440 mm3+22 + F20 mt25-30 mtBHS105105 L/Min60/70 hp1000 LT17000L275 - P128 - H125+50 cm490 Kg
BW1000 - 65TS450 + 450 mm6+32 + F30 mt35-40 mtBHS105105 L/Min70/80 hp1000 LT27000L303 - P128 - H125+75 cm520 Kg
BW1500 - 40TS440 mm3+22 + F20 mt25-30 mtBHS130130 L/Min65/75 hp1500 LT17000L295 - P148 - H140+35 cm540 Kg
BW1500 - 65TS450 + 450 mm6+32 + F30 mt35-40 mtBHS130130 L/Min80/90 hp1500 LT27000L320 - P148 - H140+60 cm570 Kg
BW2000 - 40TS440 mm3+22 + F20 mt25-30 mtBHS150150 L/Min65/75 hp2000 LT17000L310 - P160 - H145+30 cm570 Kg
BW2000 - 65TS450 + 450 mm6+3 2 + F30 mt35-40 mtBHS150150 L/Min80/90 hp2000 LT27000L335 - P160 - H145+55 cm600 Kg
BW3000 - 40TS440 mm3+22 + F20 mt25-30 mtBHS170170 L/Min80/90 hp3000 LT17000L330 - P220 - H165+10 cm720 Kg
BW3000 - 65TS450 + 450 mm6+32 + F30 mt35-40 mtBHS170170 L/Min90/100 hp3000 LT27000L355 - P220 - H165+35 cm750 Kg

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Supplement for the out-of-square treatment system for the orientation of cannon’s terminal part to allow treatment outside the trajectory of the cannon, to be mounted only on model 65S.

Supplement for electrostatic charge system. The system allows more improvement in the coverage of the treatment only version TS/TF.

Supplement for Flexy 65PS head.

Led light mounted on the cannon’s terminal for night treatment only TS version.

Supplement for right/left rotation system 180°, with slewing ring support and orbital hydraulic motor (only for models TS/TF).

Homokinetic cardan shaft T60-900 / T40-900.

Cardan shaft T40-900 / T50-900.


Kit of filters for brass arches M146.

Brass electric remote command unit M200 from tractor with pressure regulator.

Brass electric remote command unit M200 on machine with pressure regulator.

Cannon Head 40TS 2 Speeds 90° hydr. overturning
Cannon Head 65TS 2 Speeds with 90° hydr. overturning clutch


Autosteer adjustable drawbar (Maggio Steering).

Supplement for hydraulic lifting system of the axle (system is not approved for road circulation).

Bottom protective plate.
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