Spryayers for vineyards and orchards


Ultra low volume electrostatic-pneumatic trailed sprayer with centrifugal fan

The BW-BVE trailed sprayer is a newly designed trailed sprayer with pneumatic low electrostatic volume system, single-speed centrifugal fan with double suction and is made with the new line of lowered tanks. It is specialized for spraying on table/wine vineyards and orchards. Thanks to the new ultra-low-volume pneumatic electrostatic anti-drip spraying nozzles, droplets can be micronized between 30 and 60 microns and consumption varies from a minimum of 70 to a maximum of 1000 l/ha, thus adjusting the machine much more precisely than traditional low-volume sprayers. A useful feature for targeted treatments carried out on table grapes and fruit growing also with gibberellic products and any other type of phytopharmaceutical product. Through this new technology it is possible to obtain a drift reduction equal to 70% by improving the treated surfaces by 35/45%, obtaining a coverage equal to 98%. The machine has a uniform distribution on both with a low power absorption system (minimum 70hp) reducing fuel consumption by more than 40% compared to traditional machines. It is possible to adjust the aeration performance according to your needs by obtaining air volumes from 10000 to 80000 cubic meters/hour. Through the accessories compatible with the machine it is possible to adapt the machine to the Agriculture 4.0 systems, implement automated and proportional systems of consumption that allow to obtain excellent results in work precision and respect for the environment.

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  • Main polyethylene tank (lowered version) th.6/8 mm with circuit washing and hand washing tank.
  • Newly designed centrifugal fan with double suction and low power absorption system. Declutching and freewheel.
  • Chassis and conveyor in hot galvanized steel.
  • 180° air diffuser in galvanized steel with directional adjustable side deflectors.
  • Overhanging wheel hubs with adjustment in width and height
  • Brass control unit Cleverspray 2S (4.0) mod. with pressure regulator on the tractor. 6.7” monitor with case and mounting bracket, speed sensor, pressure and flowmeter.
  • ANNOVI REVERBERI brass pump.
  • Protective arc with fenders.
  • External filter and self-filling
  • High pressure internal agitator
  • Kit rear LED lights
  • Without cardan shaft
  • Fixed drawbar adjustable in lenght
  • Adjustable support wheel
  • Road approval
  • Product complies with CE Reulations
  • Chassis and conveyor in hot galvanized steel
  • Overhanging wheel hubs with adjustment in width and height
  • Deflector for air flow regulation
  • Low volume system
  • Machine supplied with pneumatic electrostatic anti-drip spraying nozzles from 70 to 1000 l/ha
  • Bottom protective plate (only on 1000 LT)
  • Kit of filters for brass arches M146
  • Pesticides mixing kit by suction
  • Low-volume system with the aid of compressed air.
BW600BVE450 mm101+F6-8 mt6-8 mtBHS9090 L/Min70/80 hp600 ltL280 - P115 - H121 cm782 kgATO0630A-D
BW800BVE450 mm101+F6-8 mt6-8 mtBHS9090 L/Min70/80 hp800 ltL300 - P115 - H127 cm802 kgATO0631A-D
BW1000BVE450 mm101+F6-8 mt6-8 mtBHS105105 L/Min75/85 hp1000 ltL340 - P134 - H128 cm842 kgATO0554A-D
BW1500BVE450 mm101+F6-8 mt6-8 mtBHS130130 L/Min80/90 hp1500 lTL375 - P148 - H133 cm872 kgATO0632A-D
BW2000BVE450 mm101+F6-8 mt6-8 mtBHS150150 L/Min90/100 hp2000 lTL390 - P160 - H140 cm902 kgATO0633A-D
BW3000BVE450 mm101+F6-8 mt6-8 mtBHS170170 L/Min100/110 hp3000 lTL415 - P190- H150 cm950 kgATO0634A-D

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Autosteer adjustable drawbar (Maggio Steering). Approved for use on the road
  • 600/800/1000, code: ATO0119A
  • 1500/2000, code: ATO0120A
  • 3000, code: ATO0221A

Autosteer adjustable drawbar (Maggio Steering). Not approved for use on the road
  • 600/800/1000, codice: ATO0119A-N
  • 1500/2000, codice: ATO0120A-N
  • 3000, codice: ATO0221A-N

Homokinetic cardan shaft T60-900 / T40-900 / T60-1000
  • Code: T60-900 - TRA0998
  • Code: T40-900 - TRA1000
  • Code: T60-1000 - TRA0997

Drive shaft T40-900 / T50-900.
  • Code: T40-900 - TRA0959
  • Code: T50-900 - TRA0961

Drive shaft T40-900 / T50-800.
  • T40-900, code: TRA0959
  • T50-900, code: TRA0961

Brass electric remote control unit, with pressure regulator on the tractor. Mod. M200 (4 Levers) – Braglia.

Code: COM0165


Brass electric remote control unit, with pressure regulator on the machine. Mod. M200 (2 Levers) – Braglia.

Code: COM0173


Led lights kit for night spraying.

Code: ATO0557A


Electric control 4.0 mod. “Cleverspray” - Braglia, 2/4 sections
  • 2 sections, Code: - COM0181
  • 4 sections, Code: - COM0143

Electrical control 4.0 “ARAG”

Code: COM0054

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