Spryayers for vineyards and orchards


Trailed basic sprayer with ventilator

The trailed sprayer (BW-RNE) is a model provided with 1 normal air fan and air rectifier, 8 variable speed blades, used for the spraying of medium-height and tall orchards and vineyards; thanks to its new propeller system, the equipment makes it possible to obtain a high ventilation power, with low power absorption. The image is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the STANDARD product characteristics


  • Main polyethylene tank (lowered version) th.6/8 mm with circuit washing and hand washing tank.
  • • Dual-speed variable-8-blades nylon air fan with air rectifier.
  • • Nozzle-holder arches in stainless steel and brass anti-drip doublenozzles m65.
  • • Chassis and conveyor in hot galvanized steel.
  • • Aluminium remote command unit with pressure regulator. Mod.Bymatic50
  • • Annovi reverberi aluminium pump.
  • • Rear lights kit.
  • • External suction filter with self filling.
  • • Road approval.
  • Machine is supplied without cardan shaft.
  • Fixed drawbar adjustable in length.
  • Adjustable small support wheels.
  • Overhanging wheel hubs with adjustment in width and height.
  • Directional side flaps Ø700/800/900 mm.
  • Machine with anti-drift nozzles with low enviromental impact.
  • Lower protection plate for tank as standard only on the 1000 LT version.
  • It is not possible to mount the lining clutch on the Ø700 mm fan unit.
  • Raddrizzatore d’aria in uscita (Ø800/900mm).
  • Raddrizzatore d’aria in entrata (Ø700mm).
BW600 RNE700 mm8102+F4,5 - 6,5 MtAR81381 L/Min40/50 hp600 LT20000 - 25000L:243 - P:115 - H:120 cm460 KgATO0160A-D
BW800 RNE700 mm8102+F4,5 - 6,5 MtAR81381 L/Min50/60 hp800 LT20000 - 25000L:257 - P:120 - H:120 cm490 KgATO0453A-D
BW1000 RNE800 mm8122+F6,0 - 8,0 MtAR1064106 L/Min60/70 hp1000 LT30000 - 40000L:295 - P:134 - H:128 cm520 KgATO0435A-D
BW1500 RNE900 mm8142+F8,0 - 11,0 MtBHA130130 L/Min70/80 hp1500 LT40000 - 50000L:330 - P:138 - H:133 cm550 KgATO0502A-D
BW2000 RNE900 mm8142+F8,0 - 11,0 MtBHA150150 L/Min70/80 hp2000 LT40000 - 50000L:345 - P:160 - H:140 cm580 KgATO0531A-D
BW3000 RNE900 mm81428,0 - 11,0 MtBHA170170 L/Min90/100 hp3000 LT40000 - 50000L:370 - P:190 - H:150 cm730 KgATO0551A-D

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Autosteer adjustable drawbar (Maggio Steering). Approved for use on the road
  • 600/800/1000, code: ATO0119A
  • 1500/2000, code: ATO0120A
  • 3000, code: ATO0221A

Autosteer adjustable drawbar (Maggio Steering). Not approved for use on the road
  • 600/800/1000, codice: ATO0119A-N
  • 1500/2000, codice: ATO0120A-N
  • 3000, codice: ATO0221A-N

Supplement for hydraulic lifting system of the axle (system is not approved for road circulation). ing

Code: ATO0555A (When ordering/requesting, specify the model of equipment on which the ordered item will be mounted)


Bottom protective plate.

Codice: ATO0556A (When ordering/requesting, specify the model of equipment on which the ordered item will be mounted.)


Homokinetic cardan shaft T60-900 / T40-900 / T60-1000
  • Code: T60-900 - TRA0998
  • Code: T40-900 - TRA1000
  • Code: T60-1000 - TRA0997

Drive shaft T40-900 / T50-900.
  • Code: T40-900 - TRA0959
  • Code: T50-900 - TRA0961

Brass electric remote control unit, with pressure regulator on the machine. Mod. M200 (2 Levers) – Braglia.

Code: COM0173


Brass electric remote control unit, with pressure regulator on the tractor. Mod. M200 (4 Levers) – Braglia.

Code: COM0165


Pesticides mixing kit by suction.

Code: COM0174 (When ordering/requesting, specify the model of equipment on which the ordered item will be mounted.)


Complete fan unit Ø700/800/900 mm without nozzles with air rectifier model RNE.
  • Ø 700 mm, code: ATO0103A
  • Ø 800 mm, code: ATO0105A
  • Ø 900 mm, code: ATO0476A

Led lights kit for night spraying.

Code: ATO0557A


Upper directional deflector Ø700/800/900 mm.
  • Code: Ø700 mm - ATO0063A
  • Code: Ø800 mm - ATO0063A
  • Code: Ø900 mm - ATO0062A

Electric control 4.0 mod. “Cleverspray” - Braglia, 2/4 sections
  • 2 sections, Code: - COM0181
  • 4 sections, Code: - COM0143

Electrical control 4.0 “ARAG”

Code: COM0054


Aluminium fan with brake lining clutch Ø800/900 mm.
  • Ø800 mm, Code: IRR0365
  • Ø900 mm, Code: IRR0366

Kit of filters for brass arches. M146

code: COM0024


Air rectifier Ø700/800/900 mm.
  • Ø700 mm, Code: IRR0298
  • Ø800 mm, Code: IRR0232
  • Ø900 mm, Code: IRR0230

Difference for fan with lining clutch
  • Ø800 mm, code: IRR0289
  • Ø900 mm, code: IRR0292
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