Inter-row machinery for vineyards


Inter-row combined machine with double blades with central cultivator

It is an inter-row combined machine with right and left-sided double blades, which allows all the cultivations of inter-rows, vineyards and orchards, which adapts to the row width. INTERMAX-D is provided with 11 tools, easily interchangeable, which allow any type of inter-row working. The machine is provided with spring-loaded shanks in the middle of the chassis, which allows the complete cultivation, in the middle of the row and on the inter-row.

P.N: The image is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the STANDARD product characteristics.


  • Electro-hydraulic emergency device with arm recall button in case of obstacles and tool locking system.
  • Rotating harrow (Ø60 cm) with cup-shaped brush to clean at the base of the stump.
  • D SERIES with variable central pantograph cultivator with spring-laoded shank and hoes for winter and summer cultivation.
  • Three-point hitch.
  • Recordable sensor onto the moving arm with regulation valve.
  • Lateral depth wheels.
  • Variable adjustment of pantograph working width.
  • Independent Pump Hydraulic System with cooling radiator.
  • PTO (power take-off) 540 rounds/min.
  • Cardan Shaft T40/600.
  • Hoe, code 30000 for summer and winter plowing.
INTERMAX - D2000200 - 250 cm60 cm5680 Kg50/60 hpINT0057A-D
INTERMAX - D2500250 - 310 cm60 cm7730 Kg60/70 hpINT0085A-D
INTERMAX - D3000300 - 350 cm60 cm9790 Kg70/80 hpINT0284A-D

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Interrow plowshare with weeding palette DX/SX. Code: DX-COL0261A / SX-COL0263A

Harrow and brush group Right /left-sided (Ø30/60/70 cm).
  • Ø30 cm, Code: DX - INT0098A, SX - INT0137A
  • Ø60 cm, Code: DX - INT0043A, SX - INT0149A
  • Ø70 cm, Code: DX - INT0055A, SX - INT0285A

Horizontal right/left inter-row arm with special 6 mm (50/60 cm) wires that can be used for mechanical weeding in organic farming.
  • 50 cm, Code: DX - INT0176A, SX - INT0177A
  • 60 cm, Code: DX - INT0174A, SX - INT0175A

Right/Left 60/80 cm mini-cutter head usable for mechanical weeding in organic farming.
  • 60 cm, Code: DX - INT0277A, SX - INT0286A
  • 80 cm, Code: DX - INT0297A, SX - INT0298A

RIght/Left inter-row blade unit with Hardox blade and raking tools 50/60/80 cm.
  • 50 cm, Code: DX-INT0134A, SX-INT0135A
  • 60 cm, Code: DX-INT0119A, SX-INT0118A
  • 80 cm, Code: DX-INT0276A, SX-INT0288A

Group disk hoer/ridge Ø305 mm with double sense of rotation - DX/SX - 2/3/4/5 disk with palette for weeding.
  • 2 DISKS, Code: DX-INT0281A, SX-INT0289A
  • 3 DISKS, Code: DX-INT0188A, SX-INT0204A
  • 4 DISKS, Code: DX-INT0202A, SX-INT0208A
  • 5 DISKS, Code: DX-INT0244A, SX-INT0247A

Right/Left interchangeable mower head unit (Ø60 cm) that can be used for mechanical weeding in organic farming.

Code: DX - INT0267A, SX - INT0290A


Right/left rotating harrow head group (60 cm).

Code: DX-COL0015A, SX-INT0291A


Right/left brush cutter head (Ø40/ Ø60cm) with special Ø4mm wires that can be used for mechanical weeding in organic farming.
  • Ø40cm, Codice: DX-INT0003A, SX-INT0292A
  • Ø60cm, Codice: DX-INT0079A, SX-INT0293A

Right and left sided horizontal rotary tiller head group 60cm.

Code: DX-INT0026A, SX-INT0294A


Combined kit of 50 cm blade with harrow and brush (Ø30 cm). Right and left

Code: DX-INT0283A, SX-INT0295A


Head right-sided self-levelling system installed only on acc. 3/7/9.

Code: DX-INT0089A, SX-INT0095A


Self-leveling helical roller Ø 35 cm (per linear meter)

Code: COL0426A


Roller hydraulic regulation kit.

Code: COL0414A


Kit of telescopic safety shank that protects the blade in case of collision with fixed obstacles complete with tool hoe - DX/SX.

Code: INT0195A


Kit of adjustable track eradicator disc Ø330mm - DX/SX

Codice: INT0299A


Electro-hydraulic distributor for controlling machine movements:
  • 2 Movements, Code: COM0184;
  • 3 Movements, Code: COM0185;
  • 4 Movements. Code: COM0186.

Brush in polypropylene (Ø 30/60/70 cm) wire (8 mm).
  • Ø30cm, Code: INT0099A
  • Ø60 cm, Code: INT0069A
  • Ø70 cm, Code: INT0070A

Kit 4.0 for inter-row machinery

Code: COM0202


Hoe, code 30000 for summer and winter plowing.

Code: STD0010A


Pair of wheels with crest Ø30x15 cm.

Code: STD0023A


Pair of depth wheels 50x25 mm.

Code: STD0021A


Shank complete for INTERMAX (50x20 mm - Low) complete with tool shoe for summer and winter processing.
  • Code: DX - STD0032A
  • Code: SX - STD0031A

Small plowshare hoe.

Code: STD1002P


Dent complet 70x30 mm sans houe. Code: COL0189P (Lors de la commande/demande, spécifier le modèle d’équipement sur lequel l’article commandé sera monté)
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