Inter-row machinery for vineyards


Inter-row machine with single arm without central cultivator with front attachment of the tractor

It is an inter-row combined machine with right-sided single blade which allows all the cultivations of inter-rows, vineyards and orchards, which adapts to the row width. INTERMAX SC FRONT is provided with 11 tools, easily interchangeable, which allow any type of inter-row working. The SC2500 version is specific for working operations in orchards, by installing a series of protections that allow to protect hanging orchards, it is used to prevent the cultivation of the central row by working only the inter-row.

P.N: The image is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the STANDARD product characteristics.


  • Electro-hydraulic emergency device with arm recall button in case of obstacles and tool locking system.
  • Rotating harrow head group (60 cm) installed on the SC2500 version
  • Rotating harrow with cup-shaped brush Ø600 installed on the SC1500/2000 versions.
  • Set of protection mounted on a rotating harrow and chassis to prevent damaging to the plants.
  • Right-sided hydraulic inclination of tools (+/20°).
  • SC MODEL without central tiller.
  • Three-point hitch.
  • Recordable sensor onto the moving arm with regulation valve.
  • Lateral depth wheels.
  • Hydraulic regulation system of working width.
  • Independent Pump Hydraulic System with cooling radiator.
  • PTO (power take-off) 540 rounds/min.
  • Cardan Shaft T40/600.
INTERMAX - SC 1500 FRONT110 - 135 cm60 cm350 Kg30/40 hpINT0301A-D
INTERMAX - SC 2000 FRONT170 - 230 cm60 cm380 Kg50/55 hpINT0108A-D
INTERMAX - SC 2500 FRONT175 - 275 cm70 cm550 Kg65/75 hpINT0170A-D

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Interrow plowshare with weeding palette DX.

Code: DX-COL0261A


Harrow and brush group right-sided (Ø30/60/70 cm).
  • Ø30 - Code: INT0098A
  • Ø60 - Code: INT0043A
  • Ø70 - Code: INT0055A

Horizontal right-sided, inter-row arm with special 6 mm (50/60 cm) wires that can be used for mechanical weeding in organic farming.
  • 50 cm - Code: INT0176A
  • 60 cm - Code: INT0174A

Right sided 60/80 cm mini-cutter head usable for mechanical weeding in organic farming.
  • 60 cm Code: INT0277A
  • 80 cm Code: INT0297A

RIght-sided inter-row blade unit with Hardox blade and raking tools 50/60/80 cm.
  • 50 cm, code: INT0134A
  • 60 cm, code: INT0119A
  • 80 cm, code: INT0276A

Group disk hoer/ridge Ø305 mm with double sense of rotation - Right-sided 2/3/4/5 disks with palette for weeding
  • 2 Disks, Code: INT0281A
  • 3 Disks, Code: INT0188A
  • 4 Disks, Code: INT0202A
  • 5 Disks, Code: INT0244A

Right-sided interchangeable mower head unit (Ø60 cm) that can be used for mechanical weeding in organic farming.

Code: INT0267A


Right-sided rotating harrow head group (60/80 cm).
  • 60 cm, Code: COL0015A
  • 80 cm, Code: INT0275A

Right-sided brush cutter head (Ø40/Ø60 cm) with special Ø4mm wires that can be used for mechanical weeding in organic farming.
  • Ø40, Code: cm INT0003A
  • Ø60, Code: cm INT0079A

Right - sided horizontal rotary tiller head group 60/80 cm.
  • 60 cm, Code: INT0026A
  • 80 cm, Code: INT0282A

Combined kit of 50 cm blade with harrow and brush (Ø30 cm).

Code: INT0283A


Head right-sided self-levelling system installed only on acc. 3/7/9.



Right sided lateral containment bulkheads kit.

Code: COL0415A (When ordering/requesting, specify the model of equipment on which the ordered item will be mounted)


Kit of telescopic safety shank that protects the blade in case of collision with fixed obstacles complete with tool hoe – DX.

Code: INT0195A


Kit of adjustable track eradicator disc Ø 33 cm – Right/Left

Code: COL0346A


Electro-hydraulic distributor for controlling machine movements:
  • 2 Movements, Code: COM0184;
  • 3 Movements, Code: COM0185;
  • 4 Movements. Code: COM0186.

Kit 4.0 for inter-row machinery

Code: COM0202


Kit of hydraulic lift for using the equipment with tractors without an integrated front lift.

Code: INT0162A


Tractor bracket kit for accessory no. 18. N.B.: To be customized according to the tractor model.

Code: INT0163A


Brush in polypropylene (Ø 30/60/70 cm) wire (8 mm).
  • Ø30cm, Code: INT0099A
  • Ø60 cm, Code: INT0069A
  • Ø70 cm, Code: INT0070A

Kit of small hoes for rotating harrow.

Code: LAS0094


Pair of wheels with crest Ø30x15 cm.

Code: STD0023A


Pair of depth wheels 50x25 mm.

Code: STD0021A

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