Combined adjustable tillers, pneumatic Combined seed drills microgranulators for vineyards and orchard


Pneumatic seed drill with high distribution precision

The new range of SEMAX pneumatic seed drills/fertilizer spreaders completes the range of MAGGIO specialised products used in orchards and vineyards of table grapes and wine grapes. The machine allows a perfect distribution of any type of seed/fertilizer even when the size, types and mixtures of seeds vary. Through its system of damped anchors it is possible to use it in any type of soil, rocky or not. The machine carries out a finishing work after sowing through a harrow and a self-levelling helical roller. This last finishing step lets you obtain a perfectly performed and finished fertilisation/sowing work.

P.N: The image is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the STANDARD product characteristics. P.N: For different configurations, or special requests contact the commercial.


  • Pneumatic seed drill with high distribution precision
  • Manual control, basic version APV 1.2, to manage the speed of the 12V electric fan and the rpm of the seeding shaft
  • N.1 Spare kit for various types of seed
  • Ø35 cm self-levelling helical roller sized according to the ordered model
  • Height-adjustable single-row harrow
  • Adjustable vents with work line limiter
  • Opening and closing of the manual sowing nozzles, carried out by the control
  • Universal 3-point hitch
  • Damped anchors
  • It is also possible to provide the seed drill kit to be applied on any equipment
SEMAX 1300/1001,30 mt74330 kg50/60 hp100 ltø 45 mm 153 cmCOL0546A-D
SEMAX 1300/1201,30 mt74350 kg50/60 hp120 ltø 45 mm 138 cmCOL0545A-D
SEMAX 1500/1001,50 mt76360 kg50/60 hp100 ltø 45 mm 153 cmCOL0541A-D
SEMAX 1500/1201,50 mt76380 kg50/60 hp120 ltø 45 mm138 cmCOL0540A-D
SEMAX 1700/1001,70 mt96390 Kg60/70 hp100 ltø 45 mm153 cmCOL0548A-D
SEMAX 1700/1201,70 mt96410 Kg60/70 hp120 ltø 45 mm138 cmCOL0547A-D
SEMAX 1900/1001,90 mt96430 Kg60/70 hp100 ltø 45 mm153 cmCOL0539A-D
SEMAX 1900/1201,90 mt98450 Kg60/70 hp120 ltø 45 mm138 cmCOL0524A-D

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Computer kit 5.2 for automatic management of seeding parameters. Automatic activation and deactivation - Automatic calibration - Automatic fan adjustment

Code: LAS0119


Seed level sensor and speed sensor

Code: LAS0120


4.0 kit for pneumatic seed drill

Code: COM0203


Kit flex anchor 32x12 mm with spring reinforcement, mounting brackets and hoe 105 mm

Code: COM0204


Pneumatic Seeder kit
  • LT 100, Code: COM0213
  • LT 120, Code: COM0214

Self-leveling helical roller Ø 35 cm.
  • L:1300, Code: COL0567A
  • L:1500, Code: COL0559A
  • L:1700, Code: COL0551A
  • L:1900, Code: COL0536A

Harrow with a row of springs
  • L:1300, Code: COL0568A
  • L:1500, Code: COL0560A
  • L:1700, Code: COL0553A
  • L:1900, Code: COL0534A

Pair of depth wheels 50x25 mm.

Code: STD0021A


Small plowshare

10,5cm, Code: LAS0016


Lightweight anchor 50x20 mm complete with hoe

Code: MOL0025


Spring for harrow, Ø8 mm

Code: LAS0091

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