Combined adjustable tillers, pneumatic Combined seed drills microgranulators for vineyards and orchard


Adjustable hydraulic vibrotiller with springy shanks combined with fertilizer tank

The CMI hydraulic tiller with adjustable shock-absorbing shanks is designed for the cultivation of vineyards and orchards, thanks to the new hoes with tools code 40000. The machine is used for the summer and winter cultivations with maximum depth of 50 cm by using a single type of hoe and adapting to any working requirements. It is well suitable to the cultivation in rocky soils thanks to its shock-absorbing shanks system. The tiller (CMI) with the model (M260-300) with localized fertilizer tank, is a combined machine which exploits the fertilization and the ploughing in a single procedure. The machine has a very high distribution accuracy in the various types of use, and it is used for the sowing of the field bean, or other medium-large size seeds and granular and pelleted fertilizers.The fertilizer tank is made up of a fertilizer dosing system, with modulated openings and closing outlets, made of AISI 304 stainless steel. A winding shaking system, hydraulically driven with variable revolutions, allows the regular mixing and landfilling.

(accessories from 1 to 13 for Mod. CMI | accessori from 14 to 16 for Mod. M - V/I)

P.N: The image is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the STANDARD product characteristics


  • Variable adjustment of pantograph working width.
  • Depth wheels.
  • Three-point hitch.
  • Springy shanks and steel bushings with greaser.
  • Small hoe code: 40000 with tools for winter/summer cultivation.
  • M- V/I
  • Opening and closing outlets in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Tank in painted carbon steel (v), or completely in stainless steel AISI 304 (i).
  • Variable hydraulic winding.
  • Opening and closing outlets are modulated between with automatic mechanical opening system.
  • Regulator with graduated scale for fertilizer dosing.
CMI5/M260vPainting150 - 200 cm5530 Kg60/70 hpø 80 mm260 LT3COL0456A-D
CMI5/M300vPainting150 - 200 cm5540 Kg60/70 hpø 80 mm300 LT3COL0457A-D
CMI7/M260vPainting165 - 230 cm7680 Kg70/80 hpø 80 mm260 LT3COL0458A-D
CMI7/M300vPainting165 - 230 cm7690 Kg70/80 hpø 80 mm300 LT3COL0459A-D
CMI5/M260iInox150 - 200 cm5530 Kg60/70 hpø 80 mm260 LT3COL0460A-D
CMI5/M300iInox150 - 200 cm5540 Kg60/70 hpø 80 mm300 LT3COL0461A-D
CMI7/M260iInox165 - 230 cm7680 Kg70/80 hpø 80 mm260 LT3COL0462A-D
CMI7/M300iInox165 - 230 cm7690 Kg70/80 hpø 80 mm300 LT3COL0463A-D

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Manual regulation of working-width.

Self-leveling dung spreading harrow mono line (per linear meter).

Pair of depth wheels 50x25.

Soil-breaking hose CODE ZPV018.

Leveling small hoe ZP V023.

Hoe, code 40000 for summer and winter plowing.

Right/left floodway plowshare pair.

Complete shank 80x40 spring without hoes.

Self-leveling helical roller Ø 350 (per linear meter).

Roller hydraulic regulation kit.

Right-sided inter-row head kit with blade (50 cm) equipped with emergency push button and tubes for the connection with tractor.

Right-sided interchangeable inter-row blade group 50/60/80 cm.

Right interrow plowshare.

Hydraulic device for opening and closing exits of (manure) fertilizer.

Independent hydraulic device kit on PTO unit 540 rpm (consists of gearbox with pump, oil tank, filter and pipes).

Model in painted carbon steel: Fertilizer tank model M260v. / M300v.
Model in stainless steel AISI 304: Fertilizer tank model M260i. / M300i.
The tank is equipped with a tubes and fixing kit to be adapt to any tiller.
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