Combined adjustable tillers, pneumatic Combined seed drills microgranulators for vineyards and orchard

CF3 – CF4/M

Tiller with 3/4 fixed shanks and adjustable-width chassis combined with fertilizer tank

The tiller with fixed shanks with adjustable width chassis (CF3/CF4) forms with the model (M260-300) with localized fertilizer tank a combined machine that is exclusively designed for the fertilizations landfilled and localized on grassy and non-grassy soil. The machine has a very high distribution accuracy in the various types of use, and it is used for the sowing of the field bean, or other medium-large size seeds and granular and pelleted fertilizers. The fertilizer tank is made of 3 fixed shanks with working depth from 10 to 50 cm.It is provided with modulated opening and outlets, with automatic mechanical opening system, made of AISI 304 stainless steel. A winding shaking system, hydraulically driven with variable revolutions, allows the regular mixing and landfilling of the fertilizer. P.N: The image is purely indicative and may not fully reflect the STANDARD product characteristics


  • Standard three-point hitch on the tiller.
  • Tiller in 3/4 shanks of which 2 are variable.
  • Depth wheels.
  • Opening and closing outlets in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Tank in painted carbon steel (v), or completely in stainless steel AISI 304 (i).
  • Variable hydraulic winding.
  • Opening and closing outlets are modulated between with automatic mechanical opening system.
  • Regulator with graduated scale for fertilizer dosing.
CF3/M260vPainting100 - 170 cm3380 Kg50/60 hp260 LT3COL0271A-D
CF3/M300vPainting100 - 170 cm3390 Kg60/70 hp300 LT3COL0272A-D
CF3/M260iInox100 - 170 cm3380 Kg50/60 hp260 LT3COL0273A-D
CF3/M300iInox100 - 170 cm3390 Kg60/70 hp300 LT3COL0274A-D
CF4/M260vPainting210 - 310 cm4440 Kg50/60 hp260 LT4COL0265A-D
CF4/M300vPainting210 - 310 cm4450 Kg60/70 hp300 LT4COL0266A-D
CF4/M260iInox210 - 310 cm4440 Kg50/60 hp260 LT4COL0268A-D
CF4/M300iInox210 - 310 cm4450 Kg60/70 hp300 LT4COL0269A-D

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Independent hydraulic device kit on PTO unit 540 rpm (consists of gearbox with pump, oil tank, filter and pipes).

Code: COL0481A


Self-leveling helical roller Ø35 cm. (per linear meter)

Code: COL0426A(When ordering/requesting, specify the model of equipment on which the ordered item will be mounted)


Roller hydraulic regulation kit.

Code: COL0414A


Hydraulic device for opening and closing exits of (manure) fertilizer.

Code: COL0433A


Model in painted carbon steel: Fertilizer tank model M260v. / M300v. Model in stainless steel AISI 304: Fertilizer tank model M260i. / M300i. The tank is equipped with a tubes and fixing kit to be adapt to any tiller.
  • M260V, Code: COL0388A-D
  • M300V, Code: COL0526A-D
  • M260I, Code: COL0395A-D
  • M300I, Code: COL0527A-D

Pair of depth wheels 50x25 mm.

Code: STD0021A


Complete shank 70x30 mm without hoe

Code: COL0189P


Hoe, code 40000 for summer and winter plowing.

Code: STD0102A


Small hoe tiller.

Code: STD1009P

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